Thursday, September 9, 2010

East Glacier National Park

Hey Friends,

I hope your summer was ultra awesome! ;-)
My summer of 2010 saw new records being set in the awesome and busy departments.
We have been so busy in fact that I haven't even been able to take the time to post. I ask your pardon for this unfortunate lack of attention to my blog. ;-)

One of the many great days of my summer was on the 21 of August. On this morning
our family got up early and jumped in the van to go down to East Glacier National Park
to meet up with friends and to spend the day hiking in the park. It was..... you guest it, AMAZING!
The Father's beautiful creation all around me and my camera in my hand. That is the long way to spell a great time.

Here are a few of the many pictures I took that day.
I hope you enjoy observing them as much as I did capturing them.

We hiked up into the mountains to "Iceberg Lake," very appropriately named as there were still chunks of ice in the water. But that didn't stop us crazy people from getting fully submerged in its frigid grasp! (very refreshing) ;-)

God Bless!


  1. Lookin' pretty cool Luke!! :) Thanks for posting again! :) Did you take the background picture on your blog?

  2. Wow - gorgeous scenery! Makes me want to go there!!!

  3. Thanks,you two,
    Hey Sarah, I wish I did! ;-)