Saturday, January 3, 2009

Third Day Of SA Trip

This is a picture that I just snapped yesterday. Thanks to
Siah for editing it for me. ;-)

Siah chilling.

this is what they look like after 11 hours in the van!

What can I say??? Joel checking his vitals on his ipod touch
(facebook and gmail) ;-)

Know this picture has a really funny story behind it. We had just left our hotel and we see this van with its back door wide open (as you can see) and we were wondering if the guy who was driving it even knew that it was open. As we past the truck we all burst out laughing. The driver was a lady and she was looking at her self in the review mirror while putting on make up!! Siah said that it made his day. ;-)

This is a cool picture of Joel. The coolest part was that he didn't know I was taking it.

Siah and I in the Super 8 room.

Lover boy talking to "someone" with a big grin across his face! ;-)

Joel working out while eating.

Siah and I about to indulge!


  1. hahaha! Awesome pics! It makes me miss the boys even more. Hey, Siah was talking to me on the phone there! He was telling me that Joel was taken a pic of you two. Oh, and thats a sweet pic of Joel with his aves. :)

  2. Nice scenery pics man!

    I think I can actually see the lady putting make up on when that pic was taken, funny stuff.

    The pics of the Subs are cool too, however I think that's more because I'm hungry =)

  3. Haha!! Awesome pictures, made me laugh! :) Gabe and I noticed on the pic of Joel in the mirror the "warning" sign right next to his face, lol! Looks like you guys are having a great time! God bless! :D

  4. Those are great pictures, they give such a good idea of what it's all like - looks like fun! (most of it :P) I bet it's nice to be in one place for more than one night!